Shenzhen Telentek Electronics Co., Ltd.

   Shenzhen Telentek Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, headquartered in Futian, Shenzhen. We set up branches in Beijing, Xi'an, Xiamen, Wuhan. Huixinwei is a professional agent of electronic components. It specializes in electric power, communication, household appliances and lighting. Its products cover watt1号平台下载安装-1号站平台-1号站注册hour meter, frequency converter, servo drive, UPS/EPS, wind and solar power, etc. It is one of the most professional solutions and supporting components suppliers in South China. Technical and marketing team, independent warehouse, a full range of products, can be shipped on the same day, for the vast number of engineers, purchasers to provide BOM bill, parameter selection, technical information download, and other humanized services, so that your procurement more convenient and efficient. Telentek adopts the advanced ERP management system in the industry, which can realize the paperless operation of placing orders online, paying payment online, inquiring production schedule online, tracking online logistics, and producing online statistical reports. The work efficiency is greatly improved. The sample and small batch delivery capacity reaches 500 pieces per day. The products are widely used in Tongtong. Letters, light and heavy industrial equipment, industrial control products, aviation, military products, testing instruments, automobiles, computer peripheral products, consumer electronics and colleges and universities and other fields of science and technology.      Now Telentek is a well1号平台下载安装-1号站平台-1号站注册known manufacturer's program promotion partner (IDH) and authorized agent such as CT1号平台下载安装-1号站平台-1号站注册Micro, Runic, Gatemete, XTX and Vanguard, with a group of professional FAE team and marketing. It is also an authorized distributor of AVAGO, ADI, TI, Maxim and other well1号平台下载安装-1号站平台-1号站注册known brands. It also cooperates closely with many large1号平台下载安装-1号站平台-1号站注册scale agents around the world to provide overall device supply services.      Telentek is in the spirit of customer service, in the program to provide technical support, cost control, inventory management closer to customer needs.
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